XFINITY Sign Up for Minneapolis & St Paul

Xfinity is Comcast Cables Name for it’s Family of Digital Services.


These include Cable TV, Internet Access and Phone service.

Comcast established the name XFINITY in 2010, but it has been slow to take hold in the market place.

Part of the reason for the name was to provide a separate identity for these services upon the merger of Comcast and NBC.  The goal was to provide a brand name for the cable distribution system separate from the newly acquired Content and Broadcasting businesses.

Although this too is confusing as the key to Comcasts success has been in part to sell packages of programming to its subscribers.

XFINITY has four basic package choices that offer more than 200 channels as well as their ON Demand Movies and Shows.

They also provide the capability of adding DVR and HD service. 

Their newest upgrade, XFINITY X1 is taking the Minneapolis St Paul market by storm.  It offers greater flexibility and a voice activated menu that makes finding your favorite program much easier.  It is also a useful tool when you are not quite sure what you are looking for.  

For example, you can speak into the remote and ask for “a funny movie” and you will be presented with a series of movies, including some you can buy, rent or watch for free.

Now part of the package can also include broadband access and or phone service as well as a connection to ADT home security.

That has presented Comcast with some issues. They naturally want you to sign up for as many services as possible.  You can tell just by calling their call center.  It is clear that their operators are incentivized to upsell you to their phone as part of their Triple Play package. 

And while it may make perfect sense for some, many of us these days have long ago cut the phone cord and rely on our cells.  So why the hassle?

One good option if you are interested in an XFINITY sign up in Minnesota is to call, the Connected Home. The offer a FREE consultative service that cuts through the upsell nonsense, and helps you quickly pick the best package for your viewing and budget needs.

Even better, they can hook you up with Dish TV or DirecTV, if their service is a better fit.  Their office is in Minneapolis but they pretty much serve the entire state.  Once you have decided on your best choice they will schedule the actual installation and save you a lot of time and hassle.  No need to deal with the various vendors sales pitches and confusing package offerings.


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