Happy Thanksgiving

We are grateful to our customers, employees and vendors.

As Thanksgiving day arrives again this year, we wish to extend our gratitude to all with whom we have been in contact this past year. 

It has been a good year. We take pride and joy in helping people work their way through the maze of advertising, hype and often confusing set of options they face when deciding on the best carrier for the phone, TV, internet and security situation.

We have made significant progress this year as well in expanding our reach online in an effort to serve more people.

Sometimes when you offer a “Free” service people can discount or mistrust the effort. That said, we have been gratified by the large number of people who have been willing to refer their friends and neighbors as well as leave testimonials on our behalf.

We know we are not perfect, But we strive to do our very best to provide accurate and useful advice to all we meet. 

So on behalf of the entire The Connected Home Family, we wish you a most happy and peaceful Thanksgiving day.

PS: Go Vikes – take out Detroit in time for our turkey dinner.


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