We Can Help You Get the Best Deals on Century Link High Speed Internet & Phone Service for Minneapolis and St Paul Businesses and Residential.

​Internet Service:

The Connected Home is an authorized sales agent for CenturyLink® High-Speed Internet. We can help you identify the connection speed that meets your needs for a competitive price:

Century Link Internet Minneapolis, St Paul or elsewhere in Minnesota can be a spotty thing.  At the Connected Home, we can help you identify the level of service available where you live or work and help you determine whether or not it is your best option for internet based on your needs.

Where it is available, Century Link can offer tremendous speeds which is a huge asset if you are a business and or an active gamer or have multiple users within your household.

One added benefit with Century Link is the included Norton AntiVirus backup.

The big issue for many is its availability which is still spotty within the Twin Cities metro area.  Give us a call at 612-424-8483 to see what level of service is available to you.

Phone Service:

The Connected Home is an authorized sales agent for CenturyLink® Home Phone service. For a competitive price, get unlimited local calling and your choice of eight features, including call waiting, caller ID, and voicemail.

CenturyLink® Home Phone also offers domestic long-distance options. CenturyLink® Plan Latino allows you to make international calls to most Latin American countries. 

While many people have given up their land lines for their cells, there are still many others who prefer to keep their land lines for voice clarity and other reasons.  For these people, Century Link offers many features and benefits. We can help you set up and understand your phone service as well as explore other options with you as well.

The Connected Home is About – Choice!

More than anything else, what The Connected Home offers people is a choice. We work with all the major providers. The service we provide is honest advice to users to help them break through the marketing Mumbo Jumble, and bored employees working in the majors call centers intent on meeting up selling quotas.  

Available services vary by location. As such, we can first identify which options are available to you and then help you understand your options.  At this point, the key is to understand how you will be using your service(s.)  Are you a gamer, needing tons of bandwidth? Or do you merely want to follow the family on facebook from time to time. These differences in use patterns are key to understanding how to get the best options for your money.



Sign Up for Best Xfinity TV Packages Minneapolis, St Paul Minnesota Here

Get Help Choosing the Best Packages When Signing Up for Comcast Xfinity Service.

Whether you have just moved or are about to, or perhaps it is time to make the switch to Comcast’s Xfinity Service, you will need to make some choices. 

You have two choices before you make your call. Do you want to talk to an anonymous voice in one of Comcast’s Calling whose paycheck may well depend upon how well he or she can upsell you – or – do you want honest advice on the content and price option available to you from an impartial source.

And what if a third choice might be even better for you.  There are alternatives to Xfinity that may be more appropriate, depending on where you live.  Would you like to know of better options if they exist?

Sure you would. As long as it was simple, honest and accurate.

And that is just what The Connected Home offers to Minneapolis, St Paul and all Minnesota residents.

The Connected Home is an independent authorized reseller for all the major TV and Internet service providers in the area.  We get paid by the vendor, not you when you sign up for service. That means we are free to suggest a better alternative if we think it will better met your needs and interests.

And how do we do that? We listen…to you.  And as we do, we are in a position to help you choose not only the best service for your needs, but also the best packages.

We have built our reputation on our honest effort to serve our clients fairly and impartially. We consider that our USP or unique selling proposition, other marketers refer to.  Imagine that, trying to build a business on offering people honest advice.

We know signing up for TV and Internet packages can be confusing. It can be difficult comparing apples to oranges.And that is where we excel. 

So if it is time for you to sign up for new TV or Internet service or both, give us a call. 612-424-8483

The Connected Homes Google Site

Our Internet, Phone, TV, Home Security and Bundle Options are now displayed on a new Google Site


The Connected home has just initiated a new Google site in addition to our regular website: http://ift.tt/1KHE9Z3

This new site is built off of our original site and largely makes use of some of the same items, but in a different format.

For Example we explain how our service works and why it is FREE!

Q: I don’t get it—how does this work?
We provide you with a one stop shop for your Internet, TV, phone, and home security services. The Connected Home partners with many different providers to offer you a wide array of products. We are your also one-call connection for installation services.
1. Call or fill out the “Request for a Quote” form below.
2. We research offers and services for your specific address.
3. We come up with a list of options customized for you.
4. If you like any of them, you can sign up through us for free. If not, you will at least know what your options are.
Q: How much do you charge for comparing these services for me?
A: We do not charge any fees. The companies we represent compensate us when we sign up customers for their services.
see: goo.gl/zVC5LR

One of the many things it features are how we are able to assist people who want more informati0n about Xfinity TV Packages.  We cut the confusion and don’t add the upsell and misdirection that occurs at times in the call centers. 

We invite people to come to our small South Minneapolis Storefront office where they can see first hand a comparison between Comcast TV, Dish TV and Sling TV on two side by side identical TV’s.

Here at our retail store on Minnehaha Ave we thought it would be fun to set up a few different TV
services, and do some side by side comparisons for ourselves. It would also give our customers a 
chance to look and play with different systems when they came into the office.

We set up a Comcast X1 HD box, a DirecTV Genie and a RoKu Player with SlingTV and Netflix.

We might also set up DISH TV and Centurylink PRISM in the coming weeks if our customers want to 
compare those services.

Its hard to say if one is “better” than the other, but each has their own pros and cons, that will 
appeal different customers.

Want to check them out and compare them? Come down to our store, and you can play with the
remotes and give them the “eyeball” test yourself.  goo.gl/7bduAH

Where to find The Connected Home?  We are in South Minneapolis right next to Parkway Pizza  on Minnehaha Ave and E 44th
4357 Minnehaha Ave S.   ​Minneapolis, MN 55406
The Connected Home can help you where ever you live in Minnesota.  While our primary focus in on the Minneapolis St Paul Twin Cities area, we can help you connect with your best choice of service options where ever you are.  If you have a cabin – even if it is in Wisconsin we can help find service for you.


Whether you are looking for Internet, satellite TV, phone or security systems, we can 
find a solution that will fit your needs.
We are experts at:

Satellite Internet
Locating broadband options in rural areas
Saving money by having satellite TV in two locations for one low price
Portable satellite TV
Local phone service
Remote video cameras. Check on your cabin from your smartphone.

Call us and get all the details to make your cabin connected.  (612) 424­8483

Who Is Best Internet Provider in Minneapolis St Paul Area?

Who Are You Going To Choose?

 Who are the Best Internet  Service Providers (ISP)  in Minneapolis and St Paul area?  Call the Connected Home to Find Out.  612-424-8483.   Because it depends! On where you live and how you use the internet.

The Connected Home provides honest FREE advice on providers based on your needs. 

High Speed Internet in Minneapolis is primarily provided by Comcast’s Xfinity Service or Century Link with a portion of people also going with satellite vendors such as Dish TV. US Internet Corp also provides Fiber access.

If you do a Google search for Internet providers you will get even more suggestions, but they tend to boil down the those listed above, but sometimes with different names.

As a general rule, we generally recommend people avoid satellite access to the internet, unless that is their only choice. In the Twin Cities Metro area, you have alternatives.

The Connected Home is the one place that was best able to make sense of the matrix of choices. Rather than try to guess as to the best internet providers in Minneapolis & St Paul, they helped me focus on what I needed and wanted from my connections.

Gamers have different needs than does the occasional blogger or someone who just wants to keep up with family photos on Facebook.

If all you want is a Minneapolis ISP for your internet access they can help you.

If you want to understand the different packages offered by the cable companies in Minneapolis – they can help with that as well.

They are even the go to folks if you want to do a home theater installation Minneapolis, St Paul or anywhere in Minnesota.

Now you could go it alone, but warning. If you are into reviews you will quickly see that customer support from all the biggies call centers tends to suck.

That is where the folks at The Connected Home shine.  Unlike the rapidly churning staff for the corporate biggies, the Connected Homes staff will walk through your needs, not their call centers need to meet their daily sales quota.

That means you get a quick and clear understanding of your best choice, be it for just isp service, a cable or satellite TV package that fits your budget and viewing interests or a whole hog system with all the bells and whistles.

Even better, they schedule the work for you, and virtually always get it right. Check out their website at http://ift.tt/1KHE9Z3

Toward the bottom of their page they have real reviews, and recent ones. Not always 5 star but mostly. More importantly, real reviews from real people who used their service.

If you are looking for your best choice of internet providers, save yourself some time and hassle, and call The Connected Home  612-424-8483.

The NFL Is Available on Xfinity, Dish TV and DirecTV

The Connected Home Can Help You Pick the Right Choice for Your Viewing Enjoyment.

If you want to catch the game, you can do so on Xfinity, Dish TV or DirecTV. The choice is yours. The packages may vary however.

Each service offers a robust effort to bring the game to you. But just what you want to see may differ from what they offer. How do you choose?  Well, you need to take into account your other viewing desires as well, but that said, if it’s Football you are interested in, you will want to familiarize yourself with the options you have.

In the Minneapolis St Paul Metro area for most people that means making a choice between. Satellite and Cable TV.  The folks at The Connected Home can help clarify your choices, and their service is free, so it is well worth a call if you are in the process of setting up a new home or apartment and want to know your best option. Let’s Look at what DirecTV has to offer first…

DIRECTV San Antonio – It’s Peyton on Sunday Mornings Phone Call NFL SUNDAY TICKET – YouTube

Now that Peyton’s retired he has nothing but time. Time to make calls and watch DIRECTV NFL SUNDAY TICKET. Get every game, every Sunday all in HD included at no extra charge. Only on DIRECTV San Antonio http://ift.tt/2cIOE3w

Enjoy every live out-of-market game, every Sunday with NFL SUNDAY TICKET, only on DIRECTV. Watch all the action on your TV, laptop, tablet, phone, or game console. Get the 2016 season included at no extra cost when you subscribe today. Or up your game to NFL SUNDAY TICKET MAX to get the exclusive FANTASY ZONE™ and the RED ZONE CHANNEL®.

​DirecTV has six packages which run from $50 to $125 for the first 12 months, but it requires as 24 month subscription.  This may be a good choice for you, but to get the full skinny on the second year, it is a good idea to check again with the folks at The Connected Home, if you live in Minnesota. They will give you the straight talk and access to any existing specials at the time of your call.

Dish Loses NFL and Then Gets It Back

​Dish TV had but then lost its deal with the NFL back in June, However the good news is…

Enjoy every live out-of-market game, every Sunday with NFL SUNDAY TICKET, only on DIRECTV. Watch all the action on your TV, laptop, tablet, phone, or game console. Get the 2016 season included at no extra cost when you subscribe today. Or up your game to NFL SUNDAY TICKET MAX to get the exclusive FANTASY ZONE™ and the RED ZONE CHANNEL®.  http://ift.tt/2b1iBGW


​Dish TV’s Major Football offering is its RedZone and NFL Network offerings. These are available on DISH with a subscription to their 120 Plus and above packages at a $13 a month additional charge. If you are into more sports than Football they also feature Baseball, Soccer, Hockey, Basketball, Boxing and Rugby focused packages. Prices vary by package.

You can dig around on their site at http://ift.tt/2ca4HCq or better yet call The Connected Home and let them help you decide if you want Dish TV at all and if so, which packages would be best for your choice of sports and other viewing interests.

And don’t forget to ask about the new Skinny Bundles they call the Flex Pack.

Comcast’s Xfinity X1 is trying to change the way you experience TV

​Is it hype or real?  Comcast is betting heavily on its Xfinity X1 service and expects it to shine for sports fans.

It has produced a nearly 20 minute YouTube Video Featuring Chicago Bears Legend Dan Hampton to promote the service.

One of the most in-depth TV sports companion tools in the country, the app provides real-time data and statistics on the right side of your screen so you can watch a game and get everything you want.

The new app comes free with the XFINITY X1 TV service. It also includes fantasy stats, player match-ups, an out-of-town scoreboard and more right on your TV. In this interview, we are also joined by Preston Smalley, an executive director at the Comcast Silicon Valley Innovation Center.

​Now if you want to get a quote on the Xfinity website you need to give them your street address, which is okay, but if you are still just shopping and looking for information, the better course of action may well be to contact The Connected Home or just call them in the Minneapolis St Paul metro at 612-424-8483.

They can help you get Xfinity X1 or any of the other services you choose. 

Century Link Prism TV is also an option


​Century Links Prism TV also offers access to  NFL Red Zone for $8.99 a month for subscribers who have the Essentials Package or better from among their four major package choices.

Again, Prism is not available in all areas, so you need to submit your address to determine availability on their website, or again you can contact the people at The Connected Home.  They will get you the info you need, without the constant upsells and typical of the call centers.

XFINITY Sign Up for Minneapolis & St Paul

Xfinity is Comcast Cables Name for it’s Family of Digital Services.


These include Cable TV, Internet Access and Phone service.

Comcast established the name XFINITY in 2010, but it has been slow to take hold in the market place.

Part of the reason for the name was to provide a separate identity for these services upon the merger of Comcast and NBC.  The goal was to provide a brand name for the cable distribution system separate from the newly acquired Content and Broadcasting businesses.

Although this too is confusing as the key to Comcasts success has been in part to sell packages of programming to its subscribers.

XFINITY has four basic package choices that offer more than 200 channels as well as their ON Demand Movies and Shows.

They also provide the capability of adding DVR and HD service. 

Their newest upgrade, XFINITY X1 is taking the Minneapolis St Paul market by storm.  It offers greater flexibility and a voice activated menu that makes finding your favorite program much easier.  It is also a useful tool when you are not quite sure what you are looking for.  

For example, you can speak into the remote and ask for “a funny movie” and you will be presented with a series of movies, including some you can buy, rent or watch for free.

Now part of the package can also include broadband access and or phone service as well as a connection to ADT home security.

That has presented Comcast with some issues. They naturally want you to sign up for as many services as possible.  You can tell just by calling their call center.  It is clear that their operators are incentivized to upsell you to their phone as part of their Triple Play package. 

And while it may make perfect sense for some, many of us these days have long ago cut the phone cord and rely on our cells.  So why the hassle?

One good option if you are interested in an XFINITY sign up in Minnesota is to call, the Connected Home. The offer a FREE consultative service that cuts through the upsell nonsense, and helps you quickly pick the best package for your viewing and budget needs.

Even better, they can hook you up with Dish TV or DirecTV, if their service is a better fit.  Their office is in Minneapolis but they pretty much serve the entire state.  Once you have decided on your best choice they will schedule the actual installation and save you a lot of time and hassle.  No need to deal with the various vendors sales pitches and confusing package offerings.

Xfinity X1 Gets An Olympic Workout

Olympics Present Comcast with Ideal Trail for the Power of their Xfinity X1 Platform.

Comcast Has Combined Its Linear and Digital Olympic Feeds to Make Watching the Games Easier | Adweek

As the Olympics unfold, NBCUniversal is offering so much linear and digital Rio Olympic programming—6,755 hours overall—that not even the people behind it are quite sure how viewers should try to consume it all. “I have no idea. Good luck!” NBC Olympics executive producer Jim Bell joked to reporters last week.
“We’ve never had livestreaming integrated from the internet with live television in one seamless way,” Brian Roberts, Comcast CEO and chairman, explained to reporters last month. He said that the X1 Rio experience represents his entire company “coming together.”
“Everything we’ve done is really with an eye, how can we extend this to other parts of the programming landscape,” said Matt Strauss, Comcast cable’s evp and gm of video services, who has been working with NBC on their Olympics strategy since shortly after the Sochi Winter Olympics ended in 2014. “It’s very rare to have an event which captures so much attention of the country over such a long period of time—17 days—that it really becomes an incubator for us to test different features and to almost use the Olympics as a sandbox.”

The Power of the X1 Platform, seems to winning new customers, who also like the voice activation feature.

Comcast’s X1 and the future of cable – Business Insider

The X1 is having its big introduction party during the Olympics, with a bunch of new features meant to transform how you watch and wring as much value as possible from the games. These features mostly revolve around different ways to personalize the games: following different sports, countries, or athletes; surfacing stats you want; or dropping you right in the action.
But what’s interesting about these features isn’t that they’re for the Olympics, but that they begin to reimagine the way you surf cable.
Strauss wants X1 to be the “aggregator of aggregators,” to tie together your cable package and other services like Netflix (which will come to the platform “later this year”). X1 will pluck what you want from it or let you go into individual apps. No more tyranny of apps — or channels, for that matter.
But the second part of Comcast’s plan is to use voice — and cable — as a foundation to manage your entire home. That goal pits it against not just Apple, but likely Amazon, Google, and even Microsoft. You can bet they will all be vying for that spot.
Comcast seems to believe that whatever robot controls your house in the future will likely control your TV — and that direct relationship with the customer is valuable since without it, the cable company begins to feel like the unnecessary middleman between the people who actually make the shows and the people who watch them. No one wants to become a dumb pipe.
So for Comcast, winning the future of TV could mean winning the entire house in the process.

As we see above, Comcast is looking forward to the fully connected Home, a theme we have been preparing for here in the Minneapolis St Paul area on your behalf.
We do not just service Comcast, and we will work with you where ever you live with other cable or satellite providers as well as ADT home security. However, we cannot help but note that Comcast is preparing for the future in a more obvious manner than most with its X1 capabilities.

Get Comcast Xfinity X1